JBD BMS issue

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Jun 22, 2021
tl;dr - bms wont turn on anymore, any clues?

Hey guys, i finally build my 14s32p battery pack and did some discharge testing over night, a 25w light bulb.

All was good and dandy, i played a bit around with the settings and revert them back to Li-Ion normal after i was done and it was still running. I went to bed and the next morning i wasn't able anymore, to connect to it via bluetooth. It just wont show up at all. However, the lightbulb was still running so i just unplugged the load and than the bms from the battery to shut it down. I waited a couple of seconds and plugged the bms back and attached the load, but now i can neither connect to it via bluetooth, nor does it turn on at all. I tried to unplug it for 4 hours and plug it back in, but it still just wont work.

Do you guys have any clues what else i could try to get it to work again?

//Edit: The bluetooth adapter can be seen via bluetooth, if the bms is connecter to power, but not in the official app for the bms.
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Mar 18, 2020
usually Bluetooth adapter is just a bridge which provides Tx-Rx pins to exchange with a device (the BMS in this case).
It means it gets some power to be seen by smartphone, but there no data exchange on Tx-Rx pins.