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Apr 7, 2021
Hey everyone,

im looking to sell off all my laptop cells to make room for better cells, meaning the laptop ones won’t be used. I’ve got:

250 untested laptop cells from various name brands all showing good voltage(3+v) or low voltage (1-2v). No shorted cells.

140 tested name brand cells all over 90% original capacity AND 2000mah+

81 tested name brand cells all between 80-89% AND 2000mah+

all tested cells were charged, discharged for capacity, recharged and sat for 2 weeks at least, any SD were discarded and then all cells were discharged again for safety and sit 3-3.4v.

im asking 20 cents per untested cell, 50 cents per 90%+ cell, and 30 cents per 80-89% cell.

The cells are a variety of brands and there are Sanyo cells in these categories but all were good so far and came from medical and laptop packs, UR18650FM, UR18650A, UR18650F... all the good sanyos. Samsung and LG are common too. Don’t forget some Sony also.

i am located in Foster city, California and am not prepared to ship so local pickup and cash only preferred.

I’m able to sell individually or as one lot, you could even pick and choose brands and qualities and whatnot.

Pm me if you’re interested, looking to get rid of these ASAP. If you buy any cells you must sign a document assuming liability for anything that could go wrong.


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