lightweight electric lawn mower

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Mar 25, 2020

Not sure if this is the right thread.

I need recommendations for lightweight electric lawnmower please. I'm looking for something under 100 (can't really afford expensive one
). There are lots of good and bad reviews for the same item on amazon etc so I can't really decide

Many thanks.



Mar 28, 2017
Here in canada we have the Mastercraft Brand from Canadian Tire and I have their 40V 19" wide cut lithium powered lawnmower. It's nice and light and collapses down to a small size. was $299 CAD and is a very nice lawnmower. brushless design that will speed up if it encounters thick grass and I can cut for about an hour on a charge


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Dec 15, 2018
We use the garden cart - - all the time for couple of years now. Named it 'Darlene' because we had a gas version a while back that we named 'Dale' - so Dale and Darlene. Also the weed wacker... they share the same battery.

i'm eyeing the lawmowers as well but my gas one is now 26yrs old and starts up every year with no problem so far.... kind of whish it would die. Who knew a simple gas lawn mower would work year after year for 26yrs and counting.....

Greenworks seems pretty solid so far.


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Feb 22, 2021
On average, the lawn needs to be mowed every 10 days and you can't do without a good lawn mower. It is better to use a wheeled lawn mower, which allows you to set the knives at the desired height. But after you mow the lawn itself remains a lot of mown grass. I have faced this problem myself. I had an old lawn mower and it was already bad at its job and I had to spend 3-4 hours just mowing the lawn in front of my house. At first, this was not a problem for me, as I like to walk on my lawn, but now I have a lot of work due to the quarantine. When my friend knew about my problem, he recommended me to the guys from BumperCropTimes who made the top of the best electric lawn mowers. I looked at what they offered and took one on their advice. I still do not regret that I trusted them because thanks to them I took the best lawnmower in the ratio of price and quality.
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Jan 7, 2017
It seems to me that calling the lawn care service once a month is much more profitable and convenient.
First off, the lawn care would be a monthly investment and usually is a contracted period of time. He'd end up spending more than $100 for the service.
Just because something is "convenient" doesn't make it better. If he's willing to do the work of mowing his own lawn then maybe that is what is more convenient for him. Personally I enjoy mowing the lawn as it can be quite relaxing.


Aug 30, 2017
I doubt you'll find anything battery-powered under US$100 (I'm assuming you're in the states). I have an Ego 21", which works fine for my ~5000 sqft back yard. Plus, the batteries are easy to disassemble and repair. I picked up an extra battery from my town's hazardous waste site, which wouldn't charge. One of the INR18650-25's was at 2.5v, but held charge and and tested fine. I popped it back in and it's worked like a charm in my Ego leaf blower for the past few months.

I also have a Greenworks 60v battery on my work bench that I've been meaning to recondition for the past few months. Those are a bit more involved.