lithium battery charging

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Oct 15, 2021
hi everyone. i am currently new here and would love to begin my battery systems all by myself. But in the mean time i contacted a friend who helped me built a 24v 200ah lithium battery system using lifepo4 prismatic cells. I just hope i am on the right section

I also acquired an inverter (24v 1.5kva puresinwave with a 15A/10A charging depending on the switch buttons). However i recently found out that it has a switch for different battery charging.. Although i have not connected any stuff. I fear i might damage my cells in a long run during usage.. Because from what i have read and the little understanding i have there is a voltage difference of abt 05v between lead and lithium chargers..

I want to ask here, what should i do in this case...


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Feb 28, 2018
That battery type switch is only giving you options for types of lead acid batteries.
Lithium does not like overcharging & particularly the "equalize" & "absorption" functions can damage lithium cells.
You might need to disable the charger side of this inverter.
The max voltage a 24v 8s LiFePo4 pack should be charged to is 27,6V = 3.45V / cell.
If you had to choose, I'd pick the SLA as voltage is a bit lower.
Note that a charger for LA batteries should be temperature compensated (probably is), you typically don't need this with lithium & it may cause more voltage issues.


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Dec 15, 2018
Agree with @Redpacket and once you make a selection - I'd actually measure the voltage at the battery (with a voltmeter you trust) to confirm max charge. :)