Looking for someone to repair a ebike battery

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May 2, 2017
Hi Everybody,
been part of this community for a while and my day Job is at a small electric bike manufacturer in Germany.
We have customers worldwide and sometimes stuff can go wrong...

I have a customer whos ebike battery failed after 6 years, In Australia, I believe Sydney, and we have no more replacements in Australia at the moment, so we are looking for someone who is skilled to analyse and repair the battery.
Issue currently is unclear - "not charging", charger ruled out because he has two bike with identical parts and cross tests show chargers are good but battery not charging.
The battey is an inhouse development so we can supply all information on assembly and so forth, I know them inside out. BMS if necessary can be supplied too.

Does someone here know someone who could help out? / Is someone interested to do this job?

would really appreciate the help

thanks a bunch


Sep 13, 2017
This is a bad idea. Do not repair the old pack, build a fresh one.
F.eks. Bosch has made it obvious that they do not approve repairs to their E-Bike packs. I fully understand their standpoint.
A poorly repaired E-Bike battery that burst into flames is bad publicity. You may be lucky that Your repaired battery
does not burn, but after a few short Months, the next cell goes bad, and Your customer is, once more, left stranded.
Sell the customer a new pack, and You will have a satisfied customer that can rely on his E-Bike for many more Kilometers.

You do not replace a single cell in Your car battery, because it will only be a short while before the next cell goes bad.