Megacell Charger Boot loop

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New member
Jan 30, 2024
I purchased a mega cell charger in June, was delivered in December. After I got it there was a new device firmware that came out, 1.0.2. I followed the directions to update it over the air and afterwards it would never read correctly in MCM and after a couple of tries to reconnect it and set it up it has gotten stuck in a boot loop. It will start to try and connect to wifi and then start to load the software on the device and then reset it self. I have tried NodeMCU to reflash the 1.0.2 firmware with no luck. I was told to send it back for repair. This cost an arm and a leg to get it back to deepcycle and would like to try flashing the 1.0.0 firmware it came with to see if that would work. I was told that they can't provide me with the firmware for some reason.
Has anyone else had this problem with the device bootlooping itself? I haven't even gotten to run any batteries through it yet and deepcycle is no help.