Multiplus2 ve.bus ESP32 shelly3EM


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Jun 20, 2021
I do control my multiplus2 48/3000 over ve.bus with an esp32. Needs an rs485 converter and a 12v to 5v buck.
The esp32 gets net power from a shelly 3EM over wifi and calculates how many watts the multiplus should produce to zero out net consumption. Or it calcualtes how many watts it can store in the battery if there is solar excess. Cost is below $10.

I do not take any responsability at all. It is likely you blow up your home
Respect the potential separation, NEVER have multiplus connected to mains and esp32 usb plugged into your PC!



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Do you know this interface? - Maybe it could be a solution to separate the Multiplus voltage from the ESP. (notice that there is no direction pin.)
If you need galvanic separation u can buy an opto device for $2. Like this one:
Your picture is an rs485 converter.
Since the esp does firmware updates OTA, over the air, it doesent need to be connected to your PC.
User interface is done per http in a webbrowser over WiFi.

You just have to be aware of the potential problem.


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Hello, I saw your realization, it's a great job.

I'm in three-phase with a Shelly em at the top of the painting and I want to erase my nocturnal noise, I would like to do like you but I have a few questions:

- I want to combine the Multiplus 2 with a pylontech battery, the Bms of the pylontech remains operational and always connected to the victron to manage critical battery levels?

- If I buy the victron alone there is a parmetrage to do via PC?

- In operation the system is autonomous if you are on car?

- my installation is in micro inverter I don't want a backup, I just have to connect the victron to AC IN, we don't use AC OUT, right?

- Have you planned developments in the future?

Thank you if you have 5 minutes

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Can I connect an additional cable to the can bus to control the bms of my pylontech batteries?