My HomeBrewBattery


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Feb 27, 2018
It's almost 3 years since I started building my battery, substantially inspired by this forum! At time my build was tiny and temporary, and I thought I'd wait for it to get a bit more established before sharing it here. That was probably a foolish decision, because it grew gradually and incrementally and so there was never an obvious time for a "launch post". In January I moved house, and the process of setting the battery back up in the new location has reminded me to share it here. It's still unfinished - but I suppose it will always be!

I have been recording my design thoughts and progress in a blog at, and one of the somewhat unique choices I have is to build around smaller packs. This enabled me to get a 7s 24V system up and already functioning when I only had few cells processed, and gives me a nice modular build.

There's still plenty to do. I'm going to build a battery shed to store things in for enhanced peace-of-mind, and I still have not wired up the grid pass-through for my off-grid inverter (lets the load draw from the grid if the battery gets flat). I enjoy reading all the interesting projects that people get up to, and I keep seeing things that give me more ideas for my own build.