N64 Repro Cartridge- Sometime Small Projects Are Very Satisfying


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Jan 14, 2021
A month or two ago I decided to set up a bit of a retro gaming setup.

I got an N64 and bought one of those Master Quest reproduction cartridges, a game which was never released for the n64.

So I played and then some time later my save file disappeared. This cartridge uses a CR2032 to backup the SRAM chip and it died. I simply replaced the battery and continued on my way.

I get near the end of the game and boom save file gone again! For those who are familiar I was on spirit temple. Check and the new CR2032 I put in died after a week.

So I decided to do something a bit crazy and mount an 18650 and TP4056 to the cart, along with a voltmeter and a switch for the meter. The SRAM chip is rated for up to 4.6V so all good there. I also checked the cartridge pins to ensure the battery voltage wasn't brought out to any of the pins and it wasn't.

It works! No magic smoke!


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