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May 26, 2017
I have 360 HG LG2 3000MA batteries (9 packs x 40 cells), 240 Samsung ICR2600MA batteries (6 Packs x 40 cells), 80 INR18650P 2200MA batteries (2 packs x 40 cells), and 1 pack of 40 18650 misc cells for sale.

The Samsungs have been extracted from new unused laptop batteries and re-wrapped in gray/silver wrap while the LGs are original wrap.
All were fully tested and documented. All the batteries were tested for and individually labeled with their capacity.

Due to health reasons, old age, and moving to new house I am unable to continue building my powerwall and I am selling off the batteries at a GREAT price. I am asking $1.00 each for the Samsungs and $2.00 each for the LGs. New LG HG2s usually sell for 5 to 7 dollars each.

I am willing to sell ALL 360 LG batteries and 240 Samsung batteries for a flat price of $600.00 which is $1.00 per cell and even throw in the 80 INR18650P 2200 MA batteries and another 40 misc for free.

Note I originally thought that I only had 4 packs of the Samsungs but found that I actually had 6 packs of 40 therefore I bumped the purchase for the total lot from $500.00 to $600.00 if someone takes the entire lot of 720 batteries.

I am located near Orlando Florida . Delivery or pickup to be determined . Willing to split cost of sending via USPS or other reasonable shipping service.

Payment via Paypal is acceptable if shipped or cash if picked up.

Documentation sample is provided, will be included for each pack


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Jan 7, 2017
Capacity is written as "mAh", not "MA", btw.

Also, you need to include where you are located and if you are willing to ship or only local pickup (or meet up close).

And yes, please make sure to upload pictures asap. Thanks