OPUS Resistor **upgrade**

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Oct 3, 2020
I have had some issues with one of my Opus Chargers - it wouldn't discharge anymore on one of the bays, then I started to look at the resistors and found out that some of them started to 'burn out' - I changed them and after some time, next bay same problem....

So I removed all 6 resistors and made this little test with some 1Watt resistors and decided to make a 'add on' board... The 4 big holes is for a 80mm fan.

I still didn't order the board.

What do you think?

That's pretty interesting. As long as the Opus will return correct values during discharge test, I don't see the problem.

The only other issue may be the traces might need to be beefed up on Opus board that goes to the resistors. Not sure as I don't have one to check out myself. Maybe run some wires from the main board to the daughter board to start with and do a full discharge test with all 4 banks and keep an eye on where there might be hot spots developing. If you have a thermal camera, this would be a good use of it (I wish I had one, those things are dang expensive :( )