Pack size and planning, going a different route

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Mar 2, 2019
Yes i am starting up again...with more knowledge and experience this time
While i had made packs of a 100 cells with a fuse per cell of 1A, and per pack/serie a 25A fuse (can't remember if i am honest could be 100a or 10 a?)
With a extended tested race , no...---> fall out race for the cells..only the fittest will survive( welcome to the marine corps)
i would like to go a different route.(still the fittest cell will survive but in smaller packs)
We had a builder that was from Germany...ottowhite????or looks like it???If my memory is doing me any good?

I would like to pack those 4x5 cell holder as one cell instead of 5x(4x5) cells.
In between a copper bus bar that is contain several copper pipes, shove a 8mm into a 10, into a 12 into a 16mm pipe.

I don't know how to explane it sorry, a picture would help?:

With fuses on each cell of 0.5a
and per 10 or 20 cells a fuse 0f 5A
The bussbar on the cells is a simple 2.5mm2 copper wire(eu standard)
The copper pipe will be 3(4) pipes into each other and will have hole drilled where the packs will need connection flatten by a vice...
I would like to achieve 100kw storage per section..and 5 sections or more connected :cool: :cool: :eek: :eek:

I hope my bad English is making some sense...
Any advice, thought or comment is welcome(fire prof is a different thread!!!) onto this build, wire to thin/thick? fusus to small/big? ect, we use a 10kwh a day(winter) and i intend to connect to solar and inverter when it is 25kwh or more.

With best regards Igor, thanks in advance
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