Problem with Power Source prio PIP-MSE1


New member
Aug 30, 2017
Hello all,
the alarm ofmy MPP SolarPIP-(2424-)MSE1 went off a few hours ago, informing me of a 04/Battery voltage too low error. The inverter was under load at that time.
I was confused, because I assumed that it would switch to utility power, no matter if I set Output Source Priority (Setting 01) to SOL or SBU. Both, as I understood, would ultimately switch to utility power when the voltage of the battery drops under the set voltage (setting 12) and I would never see this error. I assumed the battery would be bypassed and eventually charged again from solar if enough solar was available.
Which charger source priority (setting 16) would be the right option to set to achieve this? I've had it set to 0S0, which I figured would charge the batteries as soon as solar was available again.

Can someone explain me what I do wrong to have utility jump to service, as soon as solar power is not enough and the battery voltage is low?
Thank you!