Re-wire a house to use 24v LEDs ?

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Mar 14, 2021
24vdc LED strip lights are pretty great and easy although not particularly cheap. I like the COB(chip on board) type since they have a more even light spread and are less ugly to look at if you can actually see the strips, usually I try to hide the strips and bounce the light off something like a wall or ceiling.

As for dimmers to control the lights. I am currently using a variety of cheap PWM dimmers similar to the one you mention but mine don't have RF control. I can say that I have burnt several out by trusting the official specs and have done some disecting of the control boards so I would recommend no more than half the claimed amp capability. Most seam to operate with a very simple 555 timer ic and a mosfet. With what I have learned from looking at the designs and wanting something that can handle up to 10 amps for real for some of my lighting runs I am working on designing a simple esp8266 D1 mini hat pcb board to PWM dim an LED 12-24vdc. So then it can be controlled in many ways with local switches/dimmer knobs attached to the esp8266 or via wifi or bluetooth for my smarthome dreams. Right now this project is waiting on a few parts to arrive to test out the component configuration before I finalize version one of my PCB.