Renogy Rover 20


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Jul 10, 2018
I need some help programming my renogy Rover 20. I have programmed it for lithium but I know this is generally lithium iron phosphate. I am using 18 650 cells and I need to manually program all the various charge points however I don't know what their value should be. I am running a 7s configuration. Please help


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Jun 5, 2020
I have a similar setup buy my old Tracer charger doesn't offer any adjustment setups. I only have Gel,Sealed,Flooded options. All of those are lead battery options.
Renogy Tracer 4210 Charge Controller (discontinued in 2015)
(280) 18650 cells in 7s40p config

Once the batteries are full, the battery light blinks. The battery light keeps blinking green all night even when the voltage begins to drop.When the voltage drops overnight and the sun comes up in the morning, the charger never starts charging again. It just sits and battery-light-blinking.

When I had lead batteries connected (in conjunction with the 18650) the charger would charge again when the sun came out.
But once i yanked the lead, the charging doesn't resume until I reboot the solar charger.

Note: rebooting solar charger is -> yank solar panels -> yank battery cable -> plug battery cable back in -> reconnect solar panels

I think I have to use only the GEL mode. I read something about 'equalization' not for Lithium batteries. I am testing that tonight.

Do I have to buy a new Solar Charger? If so, the Renogy Rover40 looks fine to me.
Also, when Renogy talks 'Lithium', are they only referring to LithiumIronPhosphate? It's not clear.
Those LiFePhos batteries are prismatic cells and they are different than 18650 or 2170 cells.