self life of lifepo4

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Mar 2, 2019
I was looking for any information ( on the net) about the self life of lifepo cells.
I could not really find some usable information.
Probably i used the wrong words?

Question 1:
If i let them just stand on "the shelf" how long would the the self life be?
Question 2
If i use them on a regular base 50% DOD would it be prolonged?

Any info or links are appreciated, thanks in advance.
With best regards Igor

Ps those "cinesum cell's in particular.


Oct 8, 2016
shelf life?

1. Years.
2. No.

Shelf life is as best just stored in very low temperature and at a certain % DOD. With that said LiIon can loose up to 6% of its total capacity per year based on tests. And this can vary because its higher at high temperatures and higher DOD.

In real life if stored properly you may loose 1% per year in average. As an example I got 6 years old LiIon 18650 cells (Not LiFe but still in same family). They had lost around 3% in total over those 6 years. But they where stored cold.