SELLING Lot of 18650s, chargers, megacell, packs - California, USA

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May 7, 2021

Selling all of my 18650s, chargers, and battery packs.

I completed my portable solar generator builds and was preparing to build a power wall. I’ve decided to call it quits and sell my remaining stock and chargers.

Items for sale:

#1 - 750 18650 Cells - $500

  • All cells are above 80% remaining capacity.
  • Tested 2x with a Megacell charger & rested for 3 weeks, no self discharging cells
  • MAh range from 1950 to 2900 (excluding high discharge cells which have lower capacity)
  • Each cell individually labeled
  • All cells cleaned and rewrapped if required
  • The smaller box contains high discharge cells, most reclaimed from power tools
  • Total Capacity: 1,456Ah

#2 - Megacell Charger + power supply $180

  • Used to test around 1600 cells
  • Firmware updates, works great

#3 - Battery Charging/Testing Wall - $700

  • 4 opus bt-c3100, 4 zanflare c4, 4 custom charging boards w/fuses
  • Powered by modified Corsair PC power supply, has room for expansion as well. All cables ran behind a piece of ply wood for a clean look, works great.
  • 52 batteries can be charged at once, 32 can be discharged and/or capacity tested

#4 Lot of 36 Philips ventilator battery packs - $2500 or $80/each

  • Each tested and working great, these are medical grade and had to be cycled out during COVID spike if they weren’t 100%.
  • Each cell I harvested tested right around 2000mah. Not sure what brand, red wrap with white top. Not heaters.
  • 4s5p 14.4v setup, each with working BMS
  • I have 36 of them for sale. Half of them I modified with a xt60 and tested their viability as a stand-alone powerwall, worked great.
  • Id like to sell all of them and want $80 a piece but if you took the lot I would round down to $2500

I would love to sell all of this to one person ideally but if you have interest in a particular item I’m open. I can only deal in person and you’d have to come to me in Marin country CA. If you want everything I’m flexible on price, just send me a message. Thanks all.


Mar 14, 2021
If you are willing to ship and don't find a buyer for the whole lot I might be interested in the Megacell Charger.