Selling - Project give-up, Complete Cell-Collection for sale, 50-60 kwh tested cells in southern germany

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Sep 27, 2018
i will give up my Powerwall-project. Because of personal reasons I will not be able to finish my build and would like to sell the complete package.

I collected and tested about 10.000 cells with the aim to build a 16S300P Powerwall. The cells were testet with SkyRC MC3000 at 1 amp charge and discharge current from 4,2 to 3,0 volt. Voltage drop was tested 30 days after charge. Cells were declared as "usable" when above 4,10 volts after 30 days. Heaters with more than 40 °C at charge or discharge were sorted out.

The following items are for sale:

- About 60 kwh (tested capacity)/8000 pieces usable cells including about 49 kwh cells over 1800 mah (average 2.200 mah). The cells are mostly Samsung, Sony, Sanyo, Panasonic.
- Cell-holders (4x5) for 16S300P
- 5.000 glass-fuses 1 amp

Some of the cells need a rewrap. I´m located in the south-east of germany (50 km from munich) and would prefer local pick-up. Delivery in southern germany and austria would be possible to arrange for me. Shipping is not an option.

I would like to sell the complete package and would like to get about 3.000 € for all, but I´m open to serious offers.
If more details are needed please ask.

Best regards,

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