Selling Used Tested 18650 Li-ion cells (EU only)

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Aug 19, 2021
Hello we are back again after a while updating our production and warehouse inventory management system we are ready to sell 18650 cells again:

About us:

Our company is specialized in the testing and reuse of Li-ion packs.
We disassemble Li-ion packs in order to recover functioning 18650 cells.
We serve the DIY market and companies that assemble battery packs from used cells.
Our approach:

1.We disassemble Li-ion packs
2.All parts are sorted and presented for recycling; the 18650 cells are recovered forfurther processing-We check every cell for voltage, appearance and damage
3.Very precisely, spot-welds are milled out, allowing the cells to be welded again.
4.Impurities such as glue are removed as much as possible
5.All cells are tested for capacity using MegaCellCharger (at 1A charge, 1A discharge)
6.The capacities are written on the cells
7.The cells are sorted according to capacity.
8.We ship add 30% SOC according to the strict rules of the IATA.

We also have cells sorted on brand and life left: 80-90% SOH and 90% --> SOH see below prices or check our ebay store, or send us a email

Payment policy:
The payment policy applies to all customors in our Ebay Store.
Standard payment terms by PayPal, payment before delivery.
After payment all our customers get a valid invoice.
In case of any disagreement concerning content of invoice let us know.
We offer full credit for broken/not working items.

Shipping policy:
We offer standard shipping for all orders made.

Orders are shipped on business days only. ( Monday-Friday )
For in-stock items, depending on shipment method, your order should be processed and shipped in 2 business days.
We offer free shipping for Li-ion only EU mainland
All shipments are processed in our facility in the Netherlands
Orders will be processed and shipped once we received payment.

Returns policy:
Items purchased can be returned by sending us a message
Items purchased in our store must be returned within 30 working days when not satisfied.
Items must be returned in the same state you received the items.

Contact us:
Contact us by sending a message to, talk to us with WhatsApp we can react asap +31620822336 or by Ebay visit our store and use the contact button. If you wanna see our full stock list let us know and we send you our updated stock list. We prefer WhatsApp for communication.

IMG_2701.JPEG100 cellen.jpegIMG_2743.JPEGIMG_2603.JPEGIMG_2639.JPEG
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Oct 7, 2016
Welcome back


Mar 2, 2019
If i think who you are.....Mr the G....welcome back.
If you are indeed Mr the G people will be VERY happy with you, IF you are who i am thinking you are....
Yes one happy costumer....

With best regards Igor


Mar 2, 2019
I highly recommend this seller, you get what you payed for, quality is being served.
No i am not affiliated with this seller or i will get a discount...just very good quality cells.
I have done business with him before, i was never disappointed!
Retested all his cells, never ever one bad cell.
5000+ i bought, no pain.
Now he has some new AND better testing equipment.

He plays by the rules of our roberment, good luck with that one, nearly impossible, he won again (third time!)

With best regards Igor