Shed Panels

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May 31, 2022
Hello. I have a shed that sits mostly under shade from trees but gets a couple of hours of sunlight a day (during summer; more during winter as there is no foliage)

I have a 12V/520Ah FLA battery + DC/AC inverter running LED lights in the shed (about 40W total)
The battery seems to last long enough for my usage (maybe a couple of hours per week), but I tend to take it inside to recharge it every so often, mostly in fear that it may discharge > 50%... I'd like to just leave it in place.

What are the simplest cost & effective solutions to maintain the battery automatically charged?
I can see renogy packages for around $150 for 100w pane + controller. Is that as low as it gets or are there simpler solutions for what I am looking for?



Jan 7, 2017
Yeah, that's getting down to about the cheapest prices if it comes with panel + charger. Depending on what deals are going, some times you can get them for around $100. I've seen a few on Slickdeals over the past few weeks in that price range.

For what you are needing the panel/charger to do, you wouldn't need much of a unit. Even a cheap pwm controller would be perfectly fine in this case. Just make sure the controller stays out of the weather, though. The cheap units don't have great weatherproofing