SimpBMS + Victron MPII GX => error #67 BMS lost


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Apr 24, 2020

had plesure to setup such a ESS ~ two years ago
25kWh ESS, 12 Tesla modules, 48V
MPPT SmartSolar & 1.8kW solar panels
Victron MPII 5kVA single phase, SIMP BMS
BMS is connected --> Ve.Can on MP
MPPT is connected --> Ve.Direct on MP

last month I have found 'MPPT error #67 BMS lost' on my Victron GX
now after investigation I can prove that SimpBMS is not seen by GX any more
but it is possible to connect to SimpBMS on serial port --> PC and it shows all cells are happy

was suggested to update all components. it is done
Venus v2.87
MP v497
MPPT v3.07
Simp v80820

Ve.Can on MP is dead?
how to check it?
any ideas
so, GX module is dead on my Victron MultiPlus
the first theoretical question is why?
but practical - how?
Is all your gear grounded correctly?
Have you got signal cables eg like the CAN bus wiring separated from mains cables & having proper twist/shielding?
Any lightning events near your place?
1 there is wiring


2 signal cables are just CAT-5 twisted pair w/o shielding

3 "any lightning events" no lightning ... but house was a kind of w/o care for some period and when I returned I remember have found one RCD opened. Don't know is it important