Simple DIY ESP8266 BMS

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Feb 25, 2020
May I ask why you would need 22pcs of ESPs instead of just one ESP + a multiplexer?
Absolutely! Multiplexers seem a good choice to me, I'd go for them; I bought some 74HC138 and 74HC148 chips (3to8 and 8to3), but don't have much time to play around with them in this period.

A higher resolution ADC chip is a must, yes.

And I would use a separate power for the board because a stable power source is important.

The ESP8266 D1 if I remember right only has one analog port; ATTINY85 (or a Digispark board) isn't a good choice for the same reason (very small amount of available ports). To make a BMS a good choice is a board with a lot of analogic ports, maybe a MEGA 2560 with 16 analogic ports (not sure if all are available). I never tried ESP32 which is a more expensive board.

Adding WiFi to a board which doesn't natively have it, like Arduino UNO, is really simple, just a matter of cross connecting RX and TX pins and a cheap ESP chip (like the ESP12E) becomes a WiFi extension.