Small (1kW) grid-tied battery inverter/charger - what should I be looking for?

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Aug 28, 2021
Does anyone here have any experience / recommendations for small (~1kW) grid-tied inverter/chargers (preferably 24v or 48v) which they can control remotely (e.g. via some NodeRed / Homeassistant trickery) to add a battery without changing an existing grid-tied solar inverter? I can find things like the Victron Multiplus - but I can't tie it directly to the grid.

I am on 240v single phase and the current 3kW PV system is working well and exporting unused energy to the grid. The PV inverter does not have the ability to work with a battery. I don't want to change this system because "if it isn't broken, don't fix it". I realize that there are losses going from DC (PV) -> AC (Inverter) -> DC (Charger) -> AC (Inverter) but I am happy to accept that loss.

I have a varying tariff and would like to be able to tell the inverter/charger to "charge" when the prices are low and "discharge" into the home load when the prices are high.
I only want a small system after reading completelycharged's post. I don't use a lot of electricity and would like to focus on minimizing 80% of my use.

Has anyone used a small grid-tied battery inverter and controlled it from NodeRed / Homeassistant?

Edit: mentioned battery voltage
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Oct 3, 2020
maybe this: