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May 3, 2021
Hi I am still in the process of researching & just starting to put my panels into situ.
I have 2 tesla modules using there onboard slave bms
I also bought a simpBMS to control the battery management. My problem is I its been a year or so since ive bought the batteries and they did come with cables and connectors but I have lost one of the bms cables. I did see someone in the netherlands selling a cable that would have been ideal

This would have been perfect as I have 2 modules but they have told me they dont send to the UK and that the cable is only avabile if you buy there controller.

I bought the batteries in the UK and will get in contact with but they dont seem to sell the cables on there own?

Does anyone know anywhere that will sell them I do not use EBAY.

Many thanks again
I appologies if i am posting in the wrong part of the forum