Tested Nissan Leaf batteries and box.

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May 1, 2020
Each module is tested for actual capacity.
The test discharges the module from 8.3V down to 5V at 20A.
The resulting capacity is going to be labeled on the module.
You will know the exact capacity of every module you receive.
We sort our modules based on the tested capacity and ship groups within 1Ah of each other, usually less. In large orders we might have a larger range.
This listing is for modules near the 40Ah test range. You could receive anywhere from 38Ah to 43Ah modules. Whichever group you receive will be within 1Ah of each other.
Will be shipped with terminal bolts.
Comes with a 3 month warranty.
There are 2 types of cells. Ones with positive on the left and ones with positive on the right.
Unless specified, we will send roughly 50/50 plus one.


Below would be the price brackets for the Leaf batteries(USD) and price per tested kWh..
G1 $/kWh@300W(40Ah)
1-4 modules $75 $250
5-7 modules $60 $200
8-16 modules $46 $153
17- 32 modules $44 $146
33-64 modules $42 $140
Might need to ship freight.
65-96 modules $40 $133
Will need to ship freight.
96+ modules $39 $130

Free shipping to lower 48 States. Contact us for shipping outside the States.
Freight shipments need to go to business or local Fedex freight terminal.

We are also working on a battery box like this.
Looking for early adopters. PM me if interested. Currently located in Kansas City.
Fits between 45 and 70 LEAF modules G1 or G2.
Comes with BMS, Charger, Contactors, and busbars.
Missing from the pictures is a transparent plastic cover over the front.
Disclaimer: These modules are intended for second life use, not to be used in the Nissan Leaf.
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