Tested used cells for Sale In AU South East QLD

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Apr 19, 2022
Hi Everybody,

I am offering for sale used tested 18650 cells for Powerwall builds. All cells are tested on Litto Kali for capacity and sit for two weeks for self discharge testing and are offered complete with cell holders. Save money and time on your build. No Shucking or waste stream or dead cells.

Cells are not cosmetically cleaned but will fit into the holders. If a jacket is damaged or dangerous it has been replaced. Old spot welds are de nibbed.

Please PM for a quote on large orders which are available with lead times.

Prices for orders less than 100 cells in AUD are as follows....

1800 mah $1.80
1900 mah $1.90
2000 mah $2.00
2100 mah $2.10
2200 mah $2.20
2300 mah $2.30

Depending on your order and location I may deliver for free in Toowoomba, Ipswich and South Brisbane areas. Will post batteries but be aware dangerous goods prices apply.

DISCLAIMER: Batteries can be dangerous when not managed properly and have the potential for fire and explosion. While due care is taken to remove any faulty battery the risk of fire still exists. All liability is accepted by the buyer.

I am hoping to develop a relationship with the community in the long term and provide reliable supply.

Please PM me for further details....




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