This Nooby has Initial testing equipment set-Up Questions.


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May 27, 2021
Hello , Im just starting to setup my 18650 testers. I purchased 2 USB 4-bay, a 10-bay AC charger, and built a few T4056 Chargers And Cap Analyzers. Just ordered the RC 3563, but am having trouble ordering the MegacellCharger with the software? I feel It is in my best interest to get as much data as possible since I am in way over my head, but making a commitment to this (Hopefully long running) project. Any advice on additional equipment? I ordered a Decade Box for simulating loads, but it was a cute little 1/2 Watt unit. Does anyone have any recommendation for a Hardy Decade box? I am learning alot from the forums and look forward to doing small projects putting Solar in Vans for others. i built a Jumpstarter (4-place 18650 holder wired in parallel) and put a charged cell in with the low voltage cells and it seems to do OK getting them over 1 volt point. Thanks in advance for your time.


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Feb 25, 2020
Hi there, that's a good start my friend👍
I also bought a variabile 0-30V 5A DC transformer and a spot welder. Ah, and a load of differenti sizes plastic boxes to make small battery packs (2S and 3S). And a good DMM.