UK 48v hybrid inverter for DIY powerwall

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Aug 17, 2018
Long story short, I'm moving house sadly... and I'm moving to a flat so I'm set to loose my solar power.

I'm therefore selling my Iconica inverter. It's a re-badged PIP4048 48v hybrid with the automatic transfer switch.
It is 6 months old and works perfectly and still under warranty from a UK seller. It will work with all of the PIP4048 software such as watchpower.

In excellent condition.

Selling price is350 plus postage (You can choose my discounted courier, or you can tell me which one you want to use, but I will only used tracked and insured couriers)

I paid 589 and can provide the receipt if requested. They are this price on eBay today.



Manufacturer specifications :

Key functions:
1. 3000W 48V Pure sine waveinverter:Converts DC current into 230V AC mains electricity,to run various household appliances such as a TV, laptop, fridge, microwave, lighting etc. Able to generate 3000VA of continuous powerwith a strong peak power handlingcapability ofup to 6000VA (to start powerful appliances with electric motors such aspumps, a vacuum cleaner, power tools etc). Thisinverter is apure sine wavetype,which easily surpasses modified sine wave inverters in terms of efficiency and compatibility with a wider range of appliances.
2. Inbuilt 60A MPPT Solar charge controller:Regulates theinput from thesolar panels to the batteries, with a full range ofsafety functions including protection against overcharge, overheating, reverse current etc. Advanced MPPT technology extracts the maximum possible output from the solar panels and operates at up to98% efficiency.Thisinverter is thereforewell-suitedto systems with a large and powerful solar array,with a maximum allowed solar input of 3000W.Performance data for the solar array is displayed on the LCD screen.
3.Inbuilt 15A Smart battery charger:Designed to enable safe and efficient unattended charging of abattery from a mains power source or generator, with full overcharge protection and multiple charging stages.
Additional intelligent features:
The Iconica 3000W 48V hybrid inverter boasts an abundance ofunique features, providing enhanced functionalityoverstandard inverters. These include:
- Output source priority:This intelligent feature allows the user to set output source preferences(solar/ battery power/ mains input or a generator)for the AC load output of the inverter. This menu includes several options forvarying conditions and scenarios, e.g. which source of energyis given priority for the AC output if solar power is insufficient/ if battery voltage is too low/ if mains is unavailable, etc.
-Battery charging priority:Awide selection ofbattery charging priority options are available. For instance, the user can choose tocharge the batteryusing solar power only/ using a combination of solar power and mains power/ from mains power only etc.
- A range of highly customisable settings:The parameters for thisinverter can be personalised to an exceptionally specific degree via theuser-friendly interface. At the touch of a button, the user can customise parameters such as the AC input range, battery type, max charging current, specific high/low voltage disconnect points (and preferred charging source upon reconnection), the duration and voltage of each charging stage,auto-restart options, power saving mode, overload bypass, battery equalization stage characteristics and so on. There are also options for managing operational features such as the audible alarm and backlight settings.
- Illuminated LCD screen:Displays vital statistics which areeasily changeable by use of the up/down keys. This information includes: status and mode, input/output voltage, frequency, battery voltage, load power and percentages, charge and discharge current etc.
- Connection to remote control panel -This inverter can be connected to an optionalremote LCD display panel(sold separately), in order to remotely monitor and control system settings if the inverter is in an inconvenient or inaccessible location.
- Advanced communication options:The inverter is supplied with a PC connection cable andPC software CDfor convenient viewing of important system information, such as: solar/ battery/ AC voltage, charging current, battery capacityetc. Detailed data logs are also available to view and export to PDF/ Excel formats. This inverter also has the potential to send data to anonline user portalusing aWi-Fi connection kitor3G connection kit(purchased separately). By connecting via either of these two methods, the user will unlock access to exclusive features such as SMS / email status updates for the inverter, remote system monitoring from any location and much more.
- Auto restart function:When overload or overheating occurs, the inverter will disconnect the load appliances, and automatically reconnect once safe conditions are detected.
- Generator auto-start function:If connected to a generator via dry contacts, the Iconica inverter can send a signal to automatically start the generator as soon as the battery voltage drops below a certain level.
- Intelligent cooling design: The inverter uses predictive fan logic based on performance and temperature (1 or 2 fans


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Jan 7, 2017
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