Victron 230v Multiplus II 48v, Cerbo GX, and REC BMS

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New member
Jun 11, 2021
Hey guys, I decided to go a different direction with my Solar set up so its time to sell some of my components

$1300 - Victron Multiplus II 230v (can be configured to run 240v, 60Hz)
Almost brand new, only used for testing, has <5 hours on inverter

$200 - Solar Edge Auto transformer
Basically brand new, <5 hours on it, only used for testing.

$200 - Victron Cerbo GX
Also basically brand new

$500 - REC BMS
Software + RS485 to USB cable
CANBUS to Victron Cerbo GX cable
500 amp Shunt + Cable
1 external temp sensor cable

Would prefer to do a local transaction (willing to drive ~2 hours from central MD) as the inverter and transformer are very heavy, but if the buyer would like it shipped, we could arrange that as well.