Victron MPPT Venus OS


Jan 5, 2018
I've recently installed Venus Os Large on a raspberry pi to read a Victron blue solar 75/15 MPPT, the powerwall is a 7s30p that I put together a couple of years ago with new samsung cells. I have a JBD 60A BMS so i have been able to monitor the packs on my android tablet.

Now that i can access the controller I was wondering what changes I could make to the settings that would be better suited to a DIY powerwall.? From what i can see in the VRM portal is that its using bulk/abs/float so a Pb setup. Looks like options to change over to a Victron Lithium pack in the DVCC tab, but without the bells and whistles of the Victron lithium pack would it work.?

My next project is with used cells so i would like to get to know what is possible.

Thanks in advance