Voltacon / Pytes E-BOX-48100R low temp issue

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New member
Oct 7, 2022
Myself and a few friends recently brought some of the Pytes E-BOX-48100R rack batteries. These were badged up as Voltacon in the UK.

We have noticed that when the packs drop down to about 12deg C, the packs switch down to 2.5A charging.
This is very noticeable on the graphing. Plenty of charge available and the reduction is a definite step change and it drops to a level 2.5A.
One of the guys has added a heater pad to his to keep the packs at about 16deg C and they charge as expected.

The assumption is this is a BMS parameter issue.
Anyone seen this? Any known issues ??

(I've not tried going in via console to see if there are any settings available, so the packs are all at factory settings.)