Wanted: 600+ Samsung / LG / Equivalent 18650 cells of 2200mAh+ capacity, 10A maximum discharge [EU]

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Aug 26, 2022

For my electric motorcycle project, I'm looking for cells similar to LG's DAMF11865 (or LGDAMF11865) and Samsung's ICR18650 cells of 2200mAh capacity at 3.6V nominal and around 10A max discharge. I won't be pushing these cells this hard, but maybe up to 6A at a time. I'm looking to make a 20s30p pack to feed a 72V 200A brushed motor.

These cells were sold on batteryhookup.com for around 0.50 USD a piece, and I'd be looking to get somewhere close to that price, but given I'm in Europe (and even if they were still in stock in batteryhookup, shipping, VAT, and customs would be well over 100% of the price) I can go up to, at most, 1 USD per cell.

This is a long term project, so I may not engage immediately with potential sellers, but I didn't manage to Google-fu well enough to find some comparable cells in Europe so I thought I'd make a post here.


Aug 23, 2017
I would look for ninebot batteries, ebike batteries. More capacity same physical size a bit higher voltage your 20s would be ~74V using cells from Ninebot batteries.
Later floyd