What can you do with 650 Ford Escape hybrid battery packs


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Apr 7, 2021
Hi all,

New member here. Trying to see if anyone can help me out.

We repair hybrid battery packs in Milwaukee and recently we signed a contract with a local junk yard to remove the hybrid battery pack out of 650 Ford Escape hybrids. It will probably take 6 months to complete but we started already and I can see a storage issue will occur for our facility

I will include photos of what I am talking about but our customer simply wants to crush the cars to get the scrap metal but until the battery is remove they cannot send it thru the crusher. So we take out the packs complete. We have opened some up to take photos of the cells to see if there are people that needs them. The cells are automotive grade NiMh D size cells. They are 1.2v nominal and 5,500mah capacity from the factory. We have not performed any significant tests other than to measure standing voltage which shows that all the cells are holding charge and since they all came out of running and driving vehicles we can assume they still have decent capacity.

Our thoughts was someone can use these cells for solar energy storage. As of right now we have all the injection molded holding trays, BMS and cooling fans and wiring harness and sensor wires. But to save space we plan on taking the cells out and selling the fans and other electronics separately on ebay. Apparently the fans are highly desirable.

If you have ideas of how these cells can be repurposed please feel free to respond or mesaage me.

Our website is

My personal cell is 414-614-4258. Feel free to text or call.

Thank you


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