What spot welder are people using these days?

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Aug 26, 2022
I'm in Texas, technically the US. Happy to talk about parting it out.

I have the Kweld full assembly kit with acrylic case, kcap module with case, and ksupply. Also have extra set of copper tips. Purchased in Jan 2021 for ~$500.
LOL, yeah, it's kind of the US. The link you had, had a bunch of UK posters and I didn't look closely enough to recognize they weren't your posts. That is an ambitious project. I was considering doing an EV, but figured I'd start simpler with a bike when I get the Powerwall thing done. Too many projects, too little time.

I'll PM you on the kweld.


Jan 28, 2019
View: https://youtu.be/GIEZTL8nmGQ

Micah , The father of DIY Lithium
Have you tried it? The 4.2 V li-poly based I have tried are too low voltage to give enough current. This one is 5-5.4 V, so about (5.4/4.2)^2= 65 % better due to U^2/R=P. kWeld is much higher at 8 V with the capacitor kit. This being my third spot welder, I'm thinking if I should stop playing around, bite the bullet and buy the kWeld+capacitor bank or try to save about 120 € off the 300 € kWeld+kCap.