Where Did You Find Us?

Welcome to the wild wonderful world of lithium Battery recycling
later floyd
Saw Paul Kennett [and others] DIY Powerwalls display at Maker Faire in Wellington NZ on Sunday 20 October 2019.
Found Second Life Storage on facebook and joined and interesting to know more about battery system for wind and solar power.
It's been awhile, but I think I found the forum through HBPowerWall's videos on Youtube.
it would be of particular interest if anyone found this forum directly via search engines?
I was just trying to find this information on how I came across this website. In my history, looks like I was googling "Continuous Discharge 18650 powerwall" and the next website in my history was this one. This is an old post, don't know if anyone still is keeping up with this, but I've enjoyed your videos.
When I see on FB there is old-fashion style forum I don't go to register on FB group (use it really rarely) and come here. Will see... :)
For me, it was from looking up various battery part/model numbers, this site would normally appear in the top 5 search results, usually behind sites that were selling said cells.