where to buy two Enetelus PNUS2 10kwh batteries

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Jun 21, 2021
Beg to differ. Not saying that every inverter requires PV panels to be spread between the MPPTs in all cases, but many do.

Sunny Boy 5.0, from market leading German inverter maker SMA.
max current per MPPT channel is 10A, rated voltage ~480V, so not really possible to safely run at full power of 5kW AC without using both MPPT channels.

I also manage Japanese made solar inverters with 5 MPPT channels, which most certainly require spreading load between multiple MPPT channels.
So during planning, "Maximum Current per MPPT Channel" in the inverter spec sheet demands as much attention as "Max DC voltage".
Also, the internal components will run cooler and last longer when running at lower current and voltages, so it's a good idea to spread the load between the MPPTs in any case.
Hello Everyone, I recently installed two 5.5kwh inverters but should've installed the 25kwh system.
Does anyone know where to buy two Enetelus PNUS2 10kwh batteries? Id like to increase capacity. Thx! Dan
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Jan 17, 2021
I don't think you are going to find any. I spent a lot of time on and off for over 2 years trying to track some down, because there are a lot of those inverters out in the San Jose area, Stockton, Florida, LA, etc. There are literally hundred of the big inverters sitting in the crates out there. I've been offered the 25kw ones for $400 each and turned it down.

The battery technology was tied in with a company that Tabuchi used in the San Jose area before they decided to exit North America. They are great inverters, but there is no support, no batteries, etc.

The bigger inverters do not require the proprietary battery system.