Wolf's PowIRwall

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Sep 25, 2018
An update to post https://secondlifestorage.com/index.php?threads/wolfs-powirwall.7804/post-78486
So I have been keeping a close eye on pack #4 voltages according to Batrium.
The anomaly happened several more times and so I decided to replace the longmon.
So far so good.
I have also split the batteries 1,2,and 3 into separate grafana displays so I can follow the cell voltage differences more by individual 14s batteries.
Interesting to see that battery 1, which is my frankenstein build has a much greater voltage difference between packs. Not enough to be a major concern but nevertheless compared to the other 2 batteries quite noticeable. The more I work with grafana the more I like it.
As you can see on the Battery #1 trace cell/pack #4 (orange trace) had several dives in the voltage.
Here are the other traces with all 3 batteries including cell/pack voltage differences in purple. Battery #2 has the best looking differential.