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Hallo Carel verkoop je ook losse BMS voor 4 cell accu,s voor peugeot ion
Hm, met ID 6 of ID 12, zeldzaam, heb er maar 4, zie photo, welk CMU ID heb je nodig??
prijs €75 GLS verzending NL €5.16, Belgie €9.09 prijzen ex BTW B2B op o% EU export, mits met BTW ID nummer
contact liefst via c.hassink@pro-lox.nl< het kan zijn dat ik soms enkele dagen niet op dit forum kom

groet Carel
Got a whole ton of 18650's sitting around, many rewrapped, got a couple UR18650As and ICR18650-22Es along with a couple LGES318650, going for around ~£2 per cell, let me know if yall wanna buy any, UK only cause shipping is dumb
I am a student just starting out with the 18650’s. Obviously I am not rich but I know I will need a “ton” of batteries to get started. I can take some of your hands if they are 1. In decent condition 2. I can afford
Sent you a DM^^
on a battery thread i saw you had a bms rated at 450amps, can you direct me to the site where i can purchase this please? my battery pack has a max current of 450a but my motor will draw approx 360a. i guess anything between is fine really. also, which copper wire would you say is suitable for my build? i found one rated at 450a on ebay but it seems too thick to solder. looking forward to hearing back from you :)