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Looking for companies that can take 500-40,0000 pounds of lithum batteries to be repurposed. LCO, LFP, NMC, NCA are the technologies
Hi James

Can you give me a call I miss placed your number from when we talked in October. I would like to get a few of these batteries tested that we have. Just wondering if you know someone who could do a diagnostic test on a few. 4039885188 Charles
I know I'm annoying, but you still did not answer my question, Im looking at shematic of 2018 leaf ptc system, and I cannot see any wires that could tell ptc heater how much heat we need so the level of power must be controlled by a power transistor inside battery??
But that is strange?
Please help

Best regards

My question is , is the ptc output on the battery, connected to the same contactor as main power output?
Yes the wires are connected to the same contactor as the main battery. But the wires are extremely thin compared to the main battery wires. It is here on this picture on the bottom right. Small fuse and red wires.
thank you

I have one solarix, li 2400w 24v .

the system working well, the last week I have one problem with one battery , I change this battery to one new ,

now when a switch on, the inverter after few minutes star long beep with ( fault code 52 ) this code is mean ( dc bus voltage is too low) .

who can help me , how I repair this situation ?

thank you 🙏

best regards


Obrigada pela ajuda, os cabos das baterias são de 10 mm , os terminais , são soldados .
Tudo muito estranho , as baterias são novas e as duas com a mesma voltagem 12,4 v …
10mm diameter cables should be OK.
10mm squared cables (cross section area) might be under sized.
The inverter may be faulty?