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Hi Paul,

if I understand DC Kiwi well, you can make or have a file to make 3D cell holders. Great if they are dynamic expandable.

Any advice of what best to buy?

I have currently over 800 Samsung 40T and almost 400 Samsung 30T where I want to do something with.

Kind regards,

Menno van Eijk
Hi there. if i have the correct person? did you post video on youtube, about MPP Solar PIP Inverter Faulty / Repair Attempt?

If Yes. What was conclusion? Did you fix it?

I have quick question did you find the negative voltage feed to fix under voltage?


Hey Lucan,
I'm in Denver and would love to come say hello and pick up those cells. Let me know when and where and I should be able to come by. THanks!
I'm working from home today, or would be available tomorrow evening. Let me know what works for you.

I live near I-25 and Hampden.