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Hoi Emiel, heb jij ondertussen een powerwall gebouwd ? Ik heb ongeveer 2000 - 18650 gekocht en wil nu ook een powerwall gaan bouwen maar kan wel wat info gebruiken m.b.t. welke monitoring en omvormers aan te schaffen ?
Hey have you ordered your diybms boards? Thinking about getting this system also. Are there issues getting them into canada such a duty? Big downside is the scale of the order.
I actually ordered one that were prebuilt in the US from Ebay Waiting to see what I get
Could you send me the link to the ebay seller?
Your idea about remote external limiter for GTIL2 is just perfect! Did you managed to make it work? I have the same inverter and a distance of 200 meteres between the inverter and where i measure the current from the grid. It's impossible to connect the sensor with wires. Can you please help me with more details about your way?
Thanks in advance!
I have not finished making it yet because I have not had the time but still am planning on it. For now I made a temporary work around. I put Kasa Smart Plug Mini with Energy Monitoring KP115 on everything and wrote a linux script to read the power from all of them and turn on and off each inverter one at a time. I had some issues with this setup as well ask if u want to know more.

I am also running a victron system + batrium.

Can you share your batrium settings?

We are experiencing that if we enable "feed in excess" the battery will be charged, even if batrium asks for 0 amps. So we are currently charging at 1400watt even if soc is 99%.

If we disable feed in excell in the ess settings, the charge will drop to the 6 amp limit we defined in batrium.
You are absolutely correct. It’s the mppt charging the battery.
I’ve actually managed to fix it. However still seeing charge even if remote target is 0.0 amp, limit is set for 2.0 amp. We are still charging with around 2 amp, makes sense. But where does the 0.0 come

is yours working as expected ?
I have left dc feed in turned off because I couldn’t work out how to fix it.

how did you get it to work ?
In remote target I have set 56.9 and limit at 57.0 then it throttles down ‘in the end’ but I can’t figure when it reaches the end, seems like there must be a metric for, when it started to limit the amps, because batrium requests like 75 amps, however we are only putting 8-10 into the battery. The rest goes into the grid. But only at the end, not in the beginning.
Ruben, I missed your message,
where are you located??
I have massive problems getting goods into and out of the UK<
Based in the Netherlands I have no problems delivering on the European mainland

I have a cell that's not in your database, what is the process for getting it added.

Brand : HighStar
Type :18650
Cap : 2000Mah
Color : Orange with Black Ring.

Attached photos, Pulled them from a HyperTough (walmart) Drill Battery.

was gonna send as message, but couldnt figure out how to attach photos.IMG_1049.jpgIMG_1048.jpg
Hi jhorisberger,
can you send me a private email i have an interesting proposal i would like to offer you with some development work we are doing with bmw i3 batteries
Look forward to hearing from you.
Mike Jones
private email ,


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I would like to have a telephone conversation with you about an interesting proposal. Could you let me know how i can contact you
Hallo Carel verkoop je ook losse BMS voor 4 cell accu,s voor peugeot ion
Hm, met ID 6 of ID 12, zeldzaam, heb er maar 4, zie photo, welk CMU ID heb je nodig??
prijs €75 GLS verzending NL €5.16, Belgie €9.09 prijzen ex BTW B2B op o% EU export, mits met BTW ID nummer
contact liefst via< het kan zijn dat ik soms enkele dagen niet op dit forum kom

groet Carel
Got a whole ton of 18650's sitting around, many rewrapped, got a couple UR18650As and ICR18650-22Es along with a couple LGES318650, going for around ~£2 per cell, let me know if yall wanna buy any, UK only cause shipping is dumb
I am a student just starting out with the 18650’s. Obviously I am not rich but I know I will need a “ton” of batteries to get started. I can take some of your hands if they are 1. In decent condition 2. I can afford
Sent you a DM^^
Started a new job last week, no more crawling around under floors or in roof voids, no more humping boilers, calorifiers and heavy kit around. I’m now a Area Technical Officer for the local council, and will be overseeing the 2030 zero carbon initiatives for the local housing, yeah shirt and tie job now. I now come home each day just as clean as I left, not stinking of diesel oil boilers or pipe jointing compound.
Got home on my first day walked in the house before 17:00 and the first works from the wife’s mouth was, “oh no have you been sacked already” lol, she’s never seen me home much before 19:30 before.
Везао бих серијски 3хИЦР18650-22Ф Самсунг СДИ 1991 (половне из батерија Лап топа),
Пунјач за Ли-Ион батерије од 12,6В и 2А.
Снага мотора усисивача макс. 9вати.
Да ли има користи да се повеже паралелно још 3 батерије.
Од колико А треба да буде заштитна плоча са БМС за 3 и 6 батерија?
Сваки савет ми је добро дошао!
Hi Oleksii, I was told that you may have figured out the communication with the YR1035+, I have the RC3563 with serial output. Was wondering if it was similar.