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Hi Oleksii, I was told that you may have figured out the communication with the YR1035+, I have the RC3563 with serial output. Was wondering if it was similar.
Hey guys, I have using 25.9v 150AH NCM Lipo battery for a year now, I think it's time, I start sharing my thoughts and experience with it now
Hej er bor i albertslund, men kører hellere end gerne.
Ville meget gerne se hvad du har valgt af komponenter og hvordan de er sat sammen. Skal ikke tage lang tid, er bare meget nysgerrig.
Reelt set er det en shopping liste og nærbilleder af kablingen som er mit udgangspunkt for at kunne replikere dit anlæg.
Du skal som sagt være velkommen til at sende en sms eller lign på 20878138
Hi Paul,

I was thinking about rebuilding a battery pack of a Leaf with Samsung 40T cells. as you have one and been also heavy busy with 3D printing I like to talk about it with you.

Kind regards,

Running short on sources for cells. Not enough to complete another 14 packs yet. May need to consider actually purchasing some. 😞
just look for "Energycells" on eBay or ""
Thanks I’ll have a look. So far I’ve managed to beg, borrow or steal (lol) all my cells. It will vome hard to have to pay for them. 😂
Hi Paul,

if I understand DC Kiwi well, you can make or have a file to make 3D cell holders. Great if they are dynamic expandable.

Any advice of what best to buy?

I have currently over 800 Samsung 40T and almost 400 Samsung 30T where I want to do something with.

Kind regards,

Menno van Eijk
Hi there. if i have the correct person? did you post video on youtube, about MPP Solar PIP Inverter Faulty / Repair Attempt?

If Yes. What was conclusion? Did you fix it?
Hey Lucan,
I'm in Denver and would love to come say hello and pick up those cells. Let me know when and where and I should be able to come by. THanks!
I'm working from home today, or would be available tomorrow evening. Let me know what works for you.

I live near I-25 and Hampden.


The only dumb question is one that is not asked. So....... don't be dumb! Educate yourself.
W rzeczywistości nie ma głupich pytań, są tylko głupcy, którzy myślą, że znają wszystkie odpowiedzi na każde pytanieq
Yes stupid answers can be confusing
I like batteries lol
No comment, other than I have really enjoyed watching your videos. Especially the one about the Mercedes battery you converted to 48v. Your methodology is very good, and your commentary excellent. Keep up the good work.