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Total Projects: 458
Total Cells: 575,034
Total Capacity: 4.74 MWh
Project: Power under the stairs
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Power under the stairs
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Last Updated:
November 18th, 2019
Battery Information
Battery Type Num. Cells Avg. Capacity Capacity Condition Actions
LiIon 18650 (3.70v) 850 2300 mAh 7.23 kWh Used/Recycled
LiIon 18650 (3.70v) 400 2400 mAh 3.55 kWh Used/Recycled
LiIon 18650 (3.70v) 1200 2350 mAh 10.43 kWh Used/Recycled
LiIon 18650 (3.70v) 200 3000 mAh 2.22 kWh Brand New
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