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Help with MT50 and EPever 4210A
Just purchased an EPever Tracer 4210a and MT50 remote meter. I have a 3s80p battery bank to charge. I bought the MT50 because that was supposed to give me adjustable parameters in "user" setting for 9-17V that would work for lithium batteries. I wanted to limit the charge voltage to 12.3V and associated parameters. Problem is I get a "para error" when trying to set these parameters. I can only adjust a little bit – eg float V to 13.3 but no lower.

Is there a way of doing it or did I buy the wrong thing....... again.
Never mind guys, got it sorted. My problem was trying to adjust voltages out of sequence.
Glad you figured it out Big Grin I couldn't help as I don't know anything about those.
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That's okay Korishan. Seems like a nice unit, but a bit of a pain to set up. What do most people use?
I actually have the same situation, but I don't think I try to set values out of range. What am I doing wrong?
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