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Finished my solar powerwall build with 812 cells
(07-09-2019, 11:04 AM)stevelectric Wrote: Hi DomingoRP, I wrote a small python TCP socket server which communicates with the BMS over the Raspberry's built-in bluetooth module. It is basically in a proof of concept state but working fine. The logging and charting happens in my smart home Raspberry running a german open source thing named FHEM.

Edit: I just published the source here

Thank you for uploading the source code.  Do you have any stability issues with your program?  I programmed mine using the bluepy library, and I have to stop/start the bluetooth service to keep it working reliably.
Modular PowerShelf using 3D printed packs.  50kWh and growing.
Pretty stable I'd say, disconnects did happen but seldom.
Currently it looks like this, continously running since a restart which was due to hardware reasons.

root       299  0.0  0.9   7200  May13  54:22 /usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd
root      1031  0.0  3.0  49772  May13  54:37 python3 A4:C1:38:0A:DD:AA 9998
root      1104  0.0  3.1  49772  May13  57:27 python3 A4:C1:38:0A:7B:B3 9997
root      1169  0.0  3.0  49776  May13  58:56 python3 A4:C1:38:0A:E3:B3 9999
root      1182  0.0  3.0  49776  May13  56:36 python3 A4:C1:38:1E:DC:09 9996
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Turns out the Raspberry Pi3 integrated bluetooth chip has some stability and packet loss issues, most likely to manifest when using WiFi at the same time. Latest Raspbian firmware seems to have made it even worse. Simple solution is to disable it and use a USB/bluetooth adapter - no crashes since!
Modular PowerShelf using 3D printed packs.  50kWh and growing.

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