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SE US26650FT cell & pack identification
Hi everyone, first post but no need to be gentle, have been harvesting Li ion 18650 cells for a while now but came accross these packs and was too good to pass up, from what I can find they are a Lifepo4 cell so a whole new chemistry to learn about (yay). So found 12 packs 8 of which read 26.XX and 4 of which read milli volts at best, from what I understand the "0 volt" packs would not be recoverable, have an ISDT T8 charger so all good there but discharge/capacity test on that is a real pain, any info any one has on these packs would be appreciated, will try to post photo's and admins please feel free to move post if it's all done wrong, thanks for looking.

Just because a "pack" reads 0V doesn't mean the cells are bad. Could be that the built in bms has disconnected the cells from the outside terminals.

As far as a "cell" reading 0V, that's a different story. You can try doing a quick bump charge to see if they will revive. Daromer has done a video or two on the subject (DIY Tech & Repairs on Youtube)

Pictures also would be nice.

LiFePO4 cells aren't that difficult to understand. They are actually in a lot of ways easier than LiIon cells in that they are basically a drop in replacement for Lead Acids. So practically "any" charger or inverter will work with them with minimal configurations; and even sometimes no config changes are needed.
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Thanks Korishan, I have recovered quite a few 18650 cells with the bump charge but sort of remember reading that lifepo4 was a different animal if taken under the 2 volt mark, will give it a go any way, maybe just one parallel group at a time, slowly slowly catchy monkey, thanks again.
Are you sure they are lifepo4?
Im pretty sure i had some of those cells extracted from a Hilti Powertool battery and they were definitely li-ion. They could have been the VT version tough.
I cant even find info on the FT version???
Found this, seems to be the correct info & have had 2x packs running an 800 watt victron inverter which in turn runs our chest freezer & washing machine, the battery packs really seem to wanto hold around the 26 volt mark no matter what, sort of indicates to me to be LiFePo4, would still love to know what the packs are out of if any one has any ideas, ta.
Looks correct Smile

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