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Dilithium Design BMS and Tesla Modules
I am looking at the Dilithium Design BMS (like a previous post). I was considering the REC SI, Batrium and ElectroDacus SMBS0. My setup is in a van and consists of two older style Model S modules. They have hardwired cell-taps and thermistors so no easy OEM board swap for me. Still, it's just 11 wires or so.

Anyways, I also like the modules is parallel capability as I need to stick to 24V so I can use the Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70 and MPPT. 

Things that concern me about the Dilithium BMS are - can it communicate with the Victron V.E.Can system (like the REC one can) and how it would operate with a single 200A contactor with two parallel battery modules. Looks like the relay outs are limited so would need a second small relay to drive a 1A contactor (hopefully a ML one to save power). Does not look like any pre-charge options here - although in a van it's not needed.

Also wondering if their display unit would be sufficient for control so I would not need the Victron CCGX or BMV 712. I suppose the BMV 712 would be nice for BLE phone app stuff anyways.

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