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Busbar for 150a continuous 300a peak
Don't have a spot welder at the moment, so I will be soldering the connections to the cells.
I will derating the inverter a bit to protect the battery until we are able to build another battery to share the load.

Also thought about making them into 4x 75ah batteries and string them together. Balancing would be hard though unless I could inter connect them or separate BMS for each.

Tried a 4p16s1p similar to the pcb layouts people have been making. Draw 58amps for 15mins cells handled no problem but when charging @ 8amps got to 3.5v and cells went all out of balance by 250mv 3.43v to 3.68v pack closest to +ve side was lowest voltage. Would it be due to resistance in the connections?
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Can be yes
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