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Grid Connected Powerwall Design & Build
Hi There,

I've recently been looking at making a power wall for my home. I currently have 3kWp of solar on the roof grid connected through a SolarEdge inverter getting paid for generation.

I'd like to add a battery to this system so that during the day I can charge my pack up and then when the sun goes down, I can power my house. I also have an Economy 7 meter which means that during the night my electricity is half price, so during the winter I can charge the pack up over night when electricity is cheap and then use it in the daytime.

I'm planning on buying new cells as I haven't got the time/patience to hunt down enough second hand batteries. I will probably buy 1000 LG MH1 or Samsung 33G cells which come in at £2 - £2.30 per cell including shipping. I will make 64P packs giving 64P14S final solution (I'm using the rest of the cells for some smaller packs). So it will be about a 9kWh pack.

I have been looking at using the PIP-HS 5048 inverter for this project, but i can't work out if it will work? Can someone who has used this inverter help? The arrangement I'd like to have looks like the circuit diagram shown below:

What I'd like to be able to do is use an emonPi energy monitor to monitor my generation/usage and control the PIP-HS 5048 to either charge the batteries or discharge depending on the load. Is this possible? I'm imagining I write a PI controller in the emonPi that gives a power demand to the PIP-HS 5048 based on the current load.

As you can see I also plan to use the Batrium BMS as many others do.

I would very much appreciate some advice on this build. From what I understand about the PIP-HS 5048 this isn't possible, however when I emailed the supplier they said it was... I think I need to put all my loads on the output of the inverter. However this would limit my usage to 5kVA as the inverter is rated at that. I have a 10kW electric shower so that wouldn't work.

It looks like there are other products out there that would work (SMA etc) but they are £2k+ compared to the £488 of this PIP-HS 5048.



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