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Cell Database Submissions and Updates
Got a cell I can't identify yet.

Its from a AED Lifepak

3S3P 11.1v 7.2AH

Numbers are...


I can't disassemble for better pics yet as I don't have the right Nickel strip to repack.

I'm intending to repack with 30Qs.

My guess is Sanyos
As at Mid May 2020 -Total cells 1,135/Shucked 1,045/To be shucked 90/Processed 194/To be processed 608/Zero volt 183/Bad/rusted 19/Sanyos 1/21700s 24
All tool batteries comprising of Milwaukee, Makita, AEG, Hilti, with Samsung, LG, Sony and Sanyo cells from 1.3AH to 3.0AH (OEM)
Chargers... 1 x Nitecore D4/1 x LiitoKala 500/1 x iMAax B6AC
On order... 5 x LiitoKala 500/1 x LiitoKala 500/1 x iCharger 4010 Duo

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