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SolarEdge (SE7600A-US) Inverter and custom battery pack?
Asked last year if anyone out there has tried using the SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter and was able to couple it with a custom DIY Powerwall pack.  Do not know if anyone has successfully done this.  It is approved to use with Tesla and LG lithium Ion batteries.  Not sure what would happen if one tried it with a DIY Powerwall, but I would like to do it if there is any way possible.  I am sending a lot of power back to the grid and am getting ZERO for it.

If anyone has any experience with this kind of setup, please let me know.


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SolarEdge (SE7600A-US) Inverter and custom battery pack? - by Charles Francis Speakman - 04-03-2018, 05:57 PM

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