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The Jehu PCB v1.1 Testing and Review thread
Quick Update / Progress Post
Pretty busy around here but got some time to knock out one PCB just to do some light testing... 
Initial observation, comments, notes:
  • I like the design, it went together easily.
  • I used a 5A glass axial fuse because that’s what I had around, still digging though the parts bin for some other stuff I think might work well.
  • XT60 to Anderson adapter was used because that’s my standard for most of my gear.
  • Balance cable used instead of stacking header for now.
  • I haven’t really loaded it up, but I can tell it’s not ideal for anything high drain.
  • Light sag at 40w load, going to use power cells to see if anything changes but I am leaning towards high IR coming from cell holders.  
  • I want to try the SMD cell holders which I still need to order so I can do some real performance testing.
  • Still waiting on parts… like the standoffs, stacking headers.

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